Orifice Reducer Plugs For Plastic Bottles 1-2-3

What is it for, ideal applications, and installation how-to

What is it for?

20mm Orifice Reducer PlugDropper Tip Style Orifice ReducerOrifice reducer plugs are for plastic bottles applications. Commonly for LDPE, HDPE, PET, and other squeezable plastic resin bottles, orifice reducer plugs reduce the opening for controlled dispensing by the consumers. Most of the orifice reducers BottleStore.com carries are considered “universal fit for a specific neck diameter size”. This means that a 20mm universal fit orifice reducers will fit most plastic bottles with 20mm neck diameter (When we talk about neck diameter measurement, we are referring to the T dimension, for more information about neck finish dimensions, please click here).

Ideal applications

Flat Orifice Reducer PlugsDroper Tip Orifice Reducer PlugOrifice reducers is best for liquid products or sauce products where dispensing needs to be controlled. Common applications in the market today range from eye drops to ketchup. Commonly made from LDPE plastics, it is capable with a wide range of products. Most orifice reducer plugs has a simple opening design, therefore it is not suitable for plastic tottles or other bottle styles where the neck openings faces downward. For these type of applications look for orifice reducers or dispensing caps with flaps that prevent product from leaking.

Orifice reducers are also not recommended when a pressure sensitive (PS22) or induction seal (HS035) liners is required. Alternatively, a tamper evident shrink band can be used.

Installation How-to

How to install an orificer reducer plugOrifice reducers that BottleStore.com can be hand applied to the top of the bottle after it has been filled. Our reducers has “wings” or “notches” that is designed to grab onto the inside wall of the neck and stay in place without adhesive.

Our 20mm and 24mm flat orifice reducer plugs are available for all plastic bottles with 20mm or 24mm neck diameter (Boston Round, Cylinders) as an option. Simply check the “Orifice Reducer” check-box and it will be added to your order.

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