Caps and Closures maintains the largest online inventory of caps and closures for containers of all shapes and sizes. We stock everything you could ever need for your screw on caps and closures needs when it comes to sealing plastic and glass containers. Cap size (diameter) ranges from 8mm to 120mm, with different surface finish options including smooth side smooth top, rib side smooth top, rib side matte top, and thread and knurled edge for metal screw caps. Multiple liner options are available. Many of our plastic screw cap can be special ordered with liner of your choice with short lead time (1 - 4 weeks depending on manufacturer's inventory). Call us if you are looking for a specific size, color, and liner option at 866.BUY.BTLS.
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Neck / Closure Diameter The outside diameter of the thread, commonly referred to as the "T" dimension
Neck Finish Commonly measured by thread counts, standardized by the manufacturing industry. There are many different types of neck finishes, common neck finishes are 400, 410, 415, and 430
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