Candy Making and Cake Decoration Bottles

Make and Sell Your Own Candy & Cakes

Have a sweet tooth for success? At, we offer a full inventory of candy making containers and cake decorating bottles to make your treat business move to the next level. Rely on our inventory of food-safe containers and storage bottles affordably priced and made of the highest quality materials.

Be assured our food-safe cake decorating bottles and candy making containers are made with high-quality HDPE plastic. They are ideal for high viscous and liquid products used in cake decorating and candy making. The durable plastic is easy to squeeze so you can make the most of your ingredients.

Choose from our selection of different bottle shapes and sizes, including Cylinder Round and Boston Round to accommodate your candy or cake production needs. We have a large variety of closures available to fit each bottle type, including dispensing caps to make decorating your sweet products easy.

We also offer an assortment of candy making containers suitable for selling products to the consumer. Don’t forget to check out our durable glass storage jars and containers – perfect for displaying your tasty wares to customers. Our sturdy plastic and glass containers are also great for protecting the integrity of your candy or cake-making ingredients and supplies.

Not sure which candy making containers or cake decorating bottles you need? Contact our team for personalized assistance with your purchase. We’ll ensure you find the right products at the right price for your business needs.

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Bottle Size This refers to the normal volume (refer to size unit for unit of measure) of a bottle. When a bottle is filled to standard capacity, the contents usually fill to the shoulder area.
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Neck / Closure Diameter The outside diameter of the thread, commonly referred to as the "T" dimension
Neck Finish Commonly measured by thread counts, standardized by the manufacturing industry. There are many different types of neck finishes, common neck finishes are 400, 410, 415, and 430
Surface Finish
  1. Rib Side, Smooth Top
Liner Material
  1. Unlined
Orifice This specifies the opening of a dispensing cap where the product can be dispensed from.
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