0.5oz (15ml) Flint Big Bead Boston Round Glass Cannabis Bottle - 18-400 Neck

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Price Per $0.49
Size 0.5 oz
Over Flow Capacity 16.4ml
Color Flint
Material / Resin Type III Soda Lime Glass
Shape Round
Neck / Closure Diameter 18
Neck Finish 400
Diameter / Width 25 mm +/- 0.8 mm
Height 68.26 mm +/- 0.8 mm
Item Length N/A
Carton Pack 540

0.5oz flint (clear) Boston round glass bottle with 18-400 neck finish. Ideal for a wide variety of liquid and powder product application such as essential oil, lab use, e-liquid, sample beverage, and many other. Matching glass dropper assemblies (both regular and child resistant) has been tested to fit. Fit most 18-400 plastic or metal screw cap.


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Shipping / Freight Information
Carton Weight: 13 lbs.
Carton Pack: 540 pieces