How to Bottle and Sell Cold Brew Coffee

Whether you’re working on a homemade cold brew or ready to expand your e-commerce beverage business into local stores, knowing how to bottle and sell cold brew coffee is helpful. By soaking coffee grounds in cold water for up to 48 hours, you can develop a potent concentrate that will give your friends, family members, and customers a much-needed jolt of energy. 


Once you’ve mastered your flavors, you’re ready to bottle and sell your cold brew. can help you learn how to bottle and sell cold brew coffee. First, we can start with glass or PET plastic containers to help your products stand out on store shelves. Then, we can teach you about labeling tips that will differentiate your cold brew while maintaining sales compliance. 


Even though cold brew coffee is less acidic than other brewing methods, it’s still helpful to choose high-quality containers that use coffee-safe materials. From our flint, amber, and cobalt glass bottles to our plastic bottle designs, we’ll help you learn the finer points of how to bottle and sell cold brew coffee. Our bottles make it a breeze to share your custom brews with loved ones or invest in your growing coffee company. 


Whether you’re creating a bulk cold brew concentrate to sell on store shelves or you want to make a fresh, flavorful cold brew latte, knowing how to bottle and sell cold brew coffee means understanding how to pick the right caps and closures. Choose from our collection of screw caps, flat tops, and matte lids. Add in tamper-evident designs to ensure products stay fresh. 


If you’re ready to discover how to bottle and sell cold brew coffee, has your back. Shop round jars with classic wide-mouth designs, explore our signature Boston round cold brew coffee bottles, or explore square bottles, PET plastic designs, or cobalt sample sizes. With so many bottling options, you’re sure to find your fit.