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Pour It On With Plastic and Glass Containers for Syrups

Everyone loves pouring delicious syrups onto a stack of waffles or pancakes. These days, there are many different options ranging from traditional maple syrup to a wide variety of fruit-flavored syrups. Whether you’re producing syrup for personal use, clever holiday gift-giving, or retail store sales, can provide attractive and practical bottles that perfectly suit your product.

Syrup can often be purchased in both glass and plastic containers, so that’s your first important decision. We offer a variety of clear glass round bottles and wide-mouth honey jars, which can give your syrups a truly elegant presentation. If you’re looking for a more durable and lightweight option, we have HDPE plastic bottles that work perfectly for syrup as well.

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  1. 4.23oz (125ml)  Clear PET 25% PCR Squat Boston Round - 20-410 Neck (Recycled Plastic)
    4.23oz (125ml) Clear PET 25% PCR Squat Boston Round - 20-410 Neck (Recycled Plastic)
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    $157.44 As low as $96.00 (Per Carton)

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At, we also have a broad range of bottle sizes to choose from. We have large bottles that can be used as tabletop containers in restaurant settings, small jars that work perfectly as part of a syrup sampler pack gift set, and a variety of medium-sized bottles in between.

In addition to finding the right container, you also need to choose one of our closures to cap off your syrup bottles. We have some excellent specialized closures for syrups, like our popular flip spout liquid dispensing screw caps, twist open liquid dispensing caps, or our natural plastic spouts with tip covers. If you don’t want a dispensing cap, we also have many traditional screw-top lids and caps to choose from.

If you’re not quite sure which of these options best suits your syrup business, contact one of our representatives to discuss the details. They can also help you with labeling if you want a convenient way to advertise your products right on the side of the bottle. We also offer discounts on large orders, so if you need to order a high volume of bottles, we can help you save some money.