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The nationwide demand for cannabis continues to grow with each passing year, as more and more states pass laws allowing for the legal sale of recreational cannabis products. As a result, cannabis companies have popped up across the country, creating a significant need for high-quality bulk cannabis packaging.

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Safe and Compliant Packaging for Your Growing Cannabis Business

One of the unique challenges posed by the ever-growing medical and recreational marijuana industry is finding the right packages for each product. In addition to typical concerns about affordability, recyclability, and durability of packaging, the cannabis industry also has quite a few legal guidelines that require specialized packages.

The incredibly wide variety of products sold in this industry poses an important question. How can these items be packaged in a way that appeals to consumers, leading them to choose your company’s products over your competitors’ offerings, while still maintaining child-resistant and/or tamper-evident qualities?

Today’s cannabis market requires containers for marijuana flower, bottles for cannabis tinctures, jars for edible items, bottles for THC-infused beverages, containers for topical creams and sprays, packer bottles for capsules, droppers for concentrates, small plastic bottles for vape liquids, and much more.

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  1. 16oz flint paragon glass jar with 63-400 neck finish
    16oz (480ml) Flint (Clear) Paragon Round Glass Jar - 63-400 Neck
    $1.85 (PER PIECE)
    $22.20 As low as $15.36 (Per Carton)

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