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There are many exciting products available in the spa and salon industry, and the demand for homemade, artisan items in this market is always high. If you are creating your own line of salon-style shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions, we have the container solutions you need to move your manufacturing process forward. At, our competitively priced inventory of glass and plastic containers is made with the highest-quality materials.

For your container needs, we offer popular bottle shapes and styles like the Boston round, bullet, square, and cylinder. Spa bottles and jars are available in natural and white color options, or you can choose clear glass or plastic containers to show off the natural look, color, and texture of your spa and salon products. Whether you’re looking for a small 6cc round glass bottle for fragrances and oils, or large gallon jars for bulk creams and lotions, we have exactly what you need.

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  1. 1oz Flint Glass Sample Jar - 33-400 Neck
    1oz (30ml) Flint (Clear) Sample Round Glass Jar - 33-400 Neck
    $0.39 (PER PIECE)
    $168.48 As low as $108.00 (Per Carton)

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