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There is a large variety of cleaning products on the market, and all of them have one important thing in common — the need for durable, heavy-duty containers to keep liquids, powders, and granules in a safe and secure package. Cleaning supplies often contain chemicals which need to be housed in suitable plastic containers. At, we offer an array of plastic bottles, jugs, and pails, perfect for housing cleaning supplies.

From small eight-ounce bottles to large 64-ounce jugs, we have a vast inventory of high-quality plastic containers ready for your products. Choose from a broad selection of sizes and styles, each offering a smooth finish for easy labeling. Speaking of labels, we offer assistance with the labeling process as well. If your products need labels of any kind, contact us today to discuss your options.

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  1. 32oz Clear Wide Mouth Plastic Jar
    32oz (946ml) Clear PET Wide Mouth Round Plastic Jar - 89-400 Neck
    $1.90 (PER PIECE)
    $22.80 As low as $12.23 (Per Carton)

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