Kombucha Glass Bottles

While plastic is often the go-to material for bottled water, juice, and other beverage brands, plastic bottles aren’t as easy to recycle and don’t always stand out as much on the shelves. Choosing a high-quality, durable glass bottle can give your customers a lasting impression and nudge them toward a sale. Add a touch of elegance to your latest product release with BottleStore.com’s kombucha glass bottles


When you’re looking for kombucha glass bottles that you can use for your startup or growing brand, you want to keep size and style in mind too. BottleStore.com offers clear, amber, cobalt, and green glass depending on your chosen bottles and sizes. Different bottles and colors can convey different brand messages, so you want to find styles that complement your brand identity. 

You also want to choose kombucha glass bottle sizes that make sense for your business. For example, if you’re going to bottle up fresh kombucha samples that you can bring to the local farmer’s market, you might want to choose kombucha glass bottles like the 8oz flint Paragon round glass jar or the 8oz flint Boston round kombucha bottle. On the other hand, if you’re bottling bulk purchases, refills, and growlers, you should consider designs like the 32oz flint Economy round glass jar that can hold extra liquid. 


As you continue to grow your kombucha business, you must partner with manufacturers that understand your needs and can help you adjust to expansion periods. BottleStore.com makes it a snap to order kombucha glass bottles in a few quick clicks. First, build a wholesale order or request a few product samples to test your beverages' compatibility. Then, choose between different glasses, bottles, and lids to find something that exceeds your standards. 

At BottleStore.com, we’re here to help. If you have questions about labeling, product selection, bulk orders, or oversized shipping expenses, contact the BottleStore.com team today.