Plastic Bottle Crafts for Kids

Making sure your plastic bottles go in the recycling bin and not the garbage is a great way to help save the environment, but it's not the only one. Instead of sending your plastic bottles away to be recycled, you can give them a new life with these fun and creative craft ideas! Creating crafts with plastic bottles and other household items is easy and fun, and it gives you a way to express yourself, too.

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Transform an old plastic bottle into a beautiful bird feeder in just a few simple steps with this easy-to-follow crafting guide.

Plastic Bottle Planters

Use this page to learn how to change plastic bottles into handy planters for plants and flowers around your home.

DIY Water Bottle Piggy Banks

It pays to recycle with this plastic bottle piggy bank! This page will walk you through creating your own, and all it takes is a water bottle and few other household items.

Oil and Water Discovery Bottles

This page will teach you how to create your very own oil and water discovery bottles. Unlike oil and water, art and science can be a perfect mixture!

DIY Gift Box for Kids Using a Recycled Plastic Bottle

These plastic bottle gift boxes add the perfect touch to any gift-giving event. They're easy to create and customize when you're looking to add your own personal flair to a present.

DIY Lava Lamp With Water Beads

This page will show you how to create a lava lamp using a plastic bottle and water beads to add a groovy style touch to any room.

Fairy House Night Lights

You can learn how to turn your plastic bottles into decorative fairy house night lights with this helpful page. They make the perfect addition to any bedroom or garden.

Plastic Bottle Boats

Follow this simple guide to turn your plastic bottles into fun toy boats.

Plastic Bottle Shaker

This guide will help you turn plastic bottles into fun musical instruments.

Water Bottle Comet Craft

This plastic bottle craft is perfect for the aspiring astronaut. You can turn your bottle into a comet rocketing through your house with just a few simple household items.

Water Bottle Flower Craft

Make these pretty flowers and give them to someone special on their birthday or your mom on Mother's Day!

Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Wind spirals look pretty when the wind moves them around and the sun shines on them. You can make these beautiful outdoor decorations from empty water bottles.

Wave Bottle for Kids

This wave bottle craft is fun to use and easy to make. All you need is a plastic bottle, white vinegar, oil, and some coloring.

How to Make an Apple Lunch Box With a Plastic Bottle

An apple lunch box is a great craft to make when you're getting ready for a new school year. You just need a couple of plastic bottles, glue, scissors, and green felt.

Tornado in a Bottle

This guide will teach you how to create your very own tornado in a bottle. It's a perfect whirlwind of art and science working together.

Plastic Bottle Sun Catchers

With just some plastic bottles, a few markers, and a pair of scissors, you can make these beautiful sun catchers to hang up in your windows.

Cherry Blossoms Plastic Bottle Art

If painting is a favorite hobby of yours, then this craft is for you. You can use a plastic bottle to create amazing cherry blossom designs.

Make a Fish Using a Plastic Bottle

Turn any room into your own personal aquarium with this simple guide to creating fish from plastic bottles.

Create a Plastic Bottle Firefly

This guide will teach you to create a firefly using an old plastic bottle. When you're done, it will actually glow!

Make a Plastic Bottle Butterfly

Whether you're using them to spruce up your garden or decorate your bedroom, these plastic bottle butterflies are fun and simple to create.

DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Pencil Case

Keep your homework area nice and organized with these simple-to-make plastic bottle pencil cases.

Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

Jewelry like earrings and rings can be easy to lose if you're not careful. Make sure you always know where all of your jewelry is by putting it in a plastic bottle jewelry stand.

How to Make a Plastic Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles can help little kids to engage their senses. Follow this guide to create your very own.

Plastic Bottle Spaceship

This plastic bottle craft idea is out of this world! You can use a plastic bottle to create your very own rocket ship.

DIY Plastic Bottle Snowflake Ornaments

Whether you're decorating a Christmas tree or embracing the winter season, these plastic bottle snowflake ornaments are simple and fun to make.

Craft Holiday Decorations From Plastic Bottles

From seasonal bells to decorative wreaths, this page will show you how to get your home ready for the holidays in several different ways using plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottle Spider Craft

This creepy craft is perfect for Halloween. Using a plastic bottle, some foam tubing, and a few other items, you can create a spooky spider decoration for your home.

Make a Plastic Bottle Soaker

Create your very own Super Soaker using this page to stay nice and cool with your friends during the hot summer months.

Ship in a Plastic Bottle

Set sail on an ocean of creativity by creating your own ship in a plastic bottle with help from this page.