33-400 Black Rib Side / Smooth Top PP Plastic CT Closures - Unifoam 0.035" LDPE Liner

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$0.12 (Per Piece) 100 Pieces per Carton
(Per Carton)
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  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 100% Recyclable PP Plastic
  • 0.035" thick unifoam liner
  • Suitable for most glass or plastic bottles with 33-400 neck finish profile
  • Rib sides for easy grip an a smooth top for enhanced shelf appeal
  • Liner is suitable for dry products, powders, and oil

Additional Information

More Information
Carton Pack 100
Price Per $0.12
Neck Finish 400
Neck / Closure Diameter 33
Color Black
Material / Resin PP
Diameter / Width 33.74mm
Item Length N/A
Height 11.61mm
Shipping / Freight Information
Carton Weight: 0 lbs.
Carton Pack: 100 pieces


BottleStore's 33-400 Black Rib Side Smooth Top PP Plastic Continuous Thread (CT) Caps with Unifoam LDPE Liners are a great choice to top off your complete package solution. The PP plastic material used is highly compatible with a wide variety of products in several market segments and it's recyclable!


This closure features ribbed sides for easy removal and application of the closure to the container. The glossy, smooth top adds an enhanced aesthetic to your complete package and provides a top-shelf appeal.


This closure is found associated with the following applications and market segments:


  • Non-Carbonated Beverages
  • Sauces and Condiments
  • Vinegar and Oil
  • Alcohol-based Solutions
  • Dry Ingredients


This general-purpose 33-400 closure features a Uniforam LDPE liner, composed of three layers: a single foam disc sandwiched between two low density polyethylene (LDPE) discs.  The opaque white outer skins create a high quality visual aesthetic. The inner foam core creates a compressible yet resilient product allowing it to create a flexible seal with the container.. For additional knowledge about liners and their functions, visit our The Bottle Blog post: Understanding Liners, and Their Appropriate Uses


Most of BottleStore's in-stock, ready-to-ship glass and metal containers with a 33-400 neck finish are compatible with this closure. 






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