Tracing the Origins of Stained Glass Windows

Article By : Jonathan @ BottleStore

Since ancient times people have been using colored, cut glass in designs and in windows. Evidence of this is found in both Roman and Egyptian eras. Prior to 313 A.D., colored glass was primarily used as a decoration in wealthier homes. However, when Constantine allowed Christians to worship, and when they began to build churches, colored glass windows became part of the beautiful decorations. Stained glass became more common during the Middle Ages in cathedrals.

Over the course of time, stained glass and colored glass continued to be used in the designs of churches. In addition, they have become parts of designs in upscale homes and even in commercial buildings. The light that is shown through these windows provide a unique look that separates them from other buildings.

In order to learn more about the origins of stained glass windows, as well as how they are made, we have put this helpful listing of resources. We hope this informs you about the history of this fascinating art form.