Fun Science Experiments With Bottles

Article By : Jonathan @ BottleStore

Did you know you can learn about science with a couple of bottles and a few things out of the cupboards in your house? There are lots of great experiments you can try with the bottles that are probably in your family's recycling bin right now. Any kind of plastic bottle will do: old soda bottles, water bottles, or any other kind of bottle you might find in there. Gather up a few and get ready to try some experiments that will amaze your friends and family.

Working on science experiments with your friends, your parents, or maybe even your brothers or sisters can teach you lots of things, and not just about science. When you work with someone else to do an experiment, you're going to have to use a lot of other important skills. First, you're going to need to cooperate with the other people doing the experiment, meaning that you have to work together well. Everyone needs to take turns doing a step or adding an ingredient. You'll also have to communicate, or talk, with each other to make sure you gather all of the right stuff to do the experiment. You might even need to do some math because sometimes, you'll have to measure ingredients like water or baking soda. Last but not least, you also have to be patient. Sometimes, experiments are hard or they don't work out the first time, so you have to be patient with yourself and the other people working on the experiment and just try again! When an experiment works out, it's so cool that it's worth the work.

There are lots of reasons to do science experiments. You might do them at home on a rainy day when you can't go outside and you just want something fun to do. You could do them to put on a show for your parents or your friends. Some science experiments are just like magic! For example, in one experiment, you can make a hard-boiled egg fit through the tiny opening on the top of a soda bottle. It sounds impossible, but it's true. There's even an experiment that lets you stack liquids like blocks inside of a bottle. Your friends will think you did some crazy magic, but you really just used your science skills to do an experiment about the densities of different liquids.

Another reason to do science experiments is for a school science fair. You could teach your classmates and the people who come to the fair about weather by making clouds or tornadoes in bottles. Guests at your exhibit will get a chance to try a hands-on experiment that they'll remember when they walk away, and you'll get to have fun teaching them something new.

Getting involved in science now could help you in the future. Every day, someone in the world takes a step toward making a new scientific discovery. There are still so many things we don't know about the world around us, the universe, and how things work. A career in science can be an exciting way to spend your whole life doing experiments and finding out things that could help people, like finding the cure for a disease or a way to travel farther into space. Science has so many uses that the possibilities are endless. There are scientists who work in zoos, on big farms, in hospital laboratories, and so many other places!

Before you go jumping into doing some experiments, though, make sure that you stay safe. It's a good idea to always wear goggles to protect your eyes from liquids that splatter or things that break. You should also wear gloves to protect your hands from any liquids that might harm your skin. If you're trying a new experiment that might be a little risky, you should make sure an adult is nearby to help just in case something goes wrong. Last (and this one is really important) always ask your parents before you do an experiment. Make sure you have permission to use the bottles or other stuff you find around the house. Plus, some science experiments can be pretty messy, so it's a good idea to let your parents know what you're doing so they can tell you the best place to try your experiment. Science is fun, but getting in trouble isn't!