Bottle Cap Collector Resource Guide

Collecting crown caps can be a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby. Getting started can be as simple as saving the bottle caps from each bottled beverage you consume. Enlist the help of friends and family, asking them to save their bottle caps for you, too. As your collection grows, you may need to delve deeper to continue to find and add new crown caps to your stash. Some people like to display their bottle caps to show off their collections; others enjoy using the caps for craft projects. Whatever your preference, it's easy to enjoy the pursuit of collecting crown caps.

Bottle Cap Index

Use this index to search for bottle caps when adding new items to a collection.

Crowncap Collectors Society International

The CCSI provides support and information for those collecting bottle caps worldwide.

Bottle Cap Collecting

Bottle caps can be easy to acquire, making this hobby inexpensive and accessible even for kids.

Collectors' Info

Explore photos of bottle caps in a private collection to get inspiration for your collection.

Crowncap Info

This collector's database includes crown cap stats and information for other collectors.

Davide's Crown Caps Forum

Peruse threads on this crown cap forum to learn more about the hobby.

Ten Reasons Why You'll Want to Start to Collect Bottle Caps

Collecting bottle caps can be a rewarding hobby, whether you display them or use them in craft projects.

The Art of the Bottle Cap Collection: Drink Beer, Save the Caps!

Building an extensive bottle cap collection can be a satisfying pursuit, especially when you are able to add rare caps from around the world to your collection.

What to Do With All Those Beer Bottle Caps?

Instead of throwing bottle caps away, start a collection and begin adding new and interesting caps to your stash.

18 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Beer Bottle Caps

Explore ways you can use bottle caps in your collection in craft projects, many of which are quite simple to do.

World's Largest Collection of Bottle Caps

The largest collection of bottle caps includes more than 101,000 different bottle caps originating from 183 different countries.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Make a magnet collection tool to use to hold bottle caps as you accumulate them.

Five Things to Do With Bottle Caps

Try some of these activities for using bottle caps, which can appeal to children who are interested in collecting bottle caps.

Six Projects to Justify Hoarding Your Bottle Caps

Collecting bottle caps can result in a number of exciting crafting projects, such as making a countertop surface or a surface for a poker table.

Crown Cap Collection

Anyone interested in getting started in bottle cap collecting might peruse this experienced collector's website.

Celestial Crown Cap

Experienced collectors share information about their collections here as well as tips for other collectors who are just getting started in this hobby.

Beer and Cider Crown Cap Collection

This collector shares the crown caps included in a private collection to educate and inspire other collectors.

Bottle Cap Catalog

As you add to your collection, use this bottle cap catalog to search for and identify the items that you find.

Coca-Cola Bottle Caps

Bottle caps from a Coca-Cola collection are displayed on this website along with lots of other Coca-Cola memorabilia.

History of a Crown Cap

The crown cap dates back to 1891, when William Painter invented this solution for keeping beverages fresh and sealed.

William Painter: Inventor of the Crown Cap

Part of the reason why the crown cap took off as a packaging device was that Painter also invented a machine that would press his caps onto bottles without breaking them.

Beer Cap Collection

Explore the beer cap collection of this family to get ideas for your own collection.

Types of Bottle Closures

Bottle closures seal bottles to protect the contents from spillage, evaporation, and contamination.

Bottle Cap Madness (PDF)

Bottle caps can be used for many different types of crafts.

The Crown Cork Cap and Crown Soda Machine (PDF)

Bottles for carbonated beverages became popular during the 1880s, but the ability to seal them effectively did not come until later.

Bottle Cap Mosaics (PDF)

Use bottle caps to make a mosaic on a piece of plywood, then display it in your home.

Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide (PDF)

Bottle caps from a collection can be the perfect material for making a colorful mandala.

Get Crafty With These Fun and Creative DIY Bottle Cap Ideas

Use bottle caps to make earrings, checkers, picture frames, or even candles.