Wedding Favor Packaging

Ideal Packaging For Wedding Favors and Gifts

Wedding guests and wedding party members always love receiving tasteful favors after the ceremony, as these items can provide warm memories of your nuptials for years to come. Some popular ideas these days are personalized bottles of olive oil or jam, bottle openers, matchboxes, cookies, candles, luggage tags, and seed packets.

Regardless of which actual items you choose to distribute to your guests, has a broad selection of packaging options for your wedding favors. We offer a wide variety of small glass jars that are perfect for packaging small trinkets of any kind. You can choose from straight-sided jars, round jelly jars, wide-mouth square jars, and many more.

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Set Descending Direction can also provide HDPE, LDPE, and PET plastic bottles and jugs, which provide a more cost-effective container without sacrificing anything when it comes to durability. We also have many different closures available for any of our containers. You can select a simple white or black plastic lid, or metal lids with brass or silver coloring. We even have several dispensing caps, if your wedding favors are liquids or creams (such as lotions).

We can satisfy any size of order as well. If you only need a few items for your wedding party members, we will gladly fulfill your small order. On the other hand, we also love providing packaging solutions for large groups — if you want to give every wedding guest something to remember your nuptials by, we can provide volume discounts for bulk purchases.

In most cases, you’ll want some sort of label on your packages, even if it just has the names of the happily married couple on it. If you’re interested in our labeling solutions, just ask one of our team members for more information. We would be more than happy to assist you with every step of the labeling process.