Bulk Canning Jars


There's a Jar For Every Pickle

Pickling and canning isn’t just for your grandparents’ cellar anymore! Canning delicious fresh and pickled vegetables and fruits is a favorite pastime for many people these days, whether for personal enjoyment, gifts for friends and family, or stocking the shelves at specialty grocery stores.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of canning and pickling is using the right kind of packaging. Using the wrong type of jar could ruin the contents, but BottleStore.com has the answers you seek. We sell many different kinds of glass jars that are perfect for pickling and preserving all sorts of produce.

We offer classic round glass jars in a variety of sizes, from eight-ounce jars all the way up to gallon containers. These jars are produced using high-quality clear glass, so your customers can admire the colors and textures of your food items before they even open the lid. Speaking of lids, we have dozens of different closures available, with a variety of styles and colors that look great while protecting your product.

Labeling is also of great importance for pickled and canned foods, and all of our jars are perfectly prepared to host your company logo and a description of your product. The right label can draw eyes to your product, setting your foods apart from the competition while introducing consumers to your brand. If you have questions about labeling, don’t hesitate to contact one of our BottleStore.com representatives. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate even the most complex labeling needs.

No matter what your plans are for your pickled and canned goods, we have the packages you need to keep your food fresh and delicious. Whether you need large jars for your homemade pickles or small containers for your tasty artisan jellies and jams, BottleStore.com can help!