Aromatherapy Sample Bottles

If you’re looking for aromatherapy sample bottles to help you test new fragrances, promote new products, and grow your brand, is here to help. Explore our wide assortment of aromatherapy sample bottles in different sizes, colors, and styles. Pick from dropper tops, screw caps, and tamper-evident seals to complete your design. 


From essential oils to CBD droppers and massage oil samplers, you can package and personalize containers that will attract customers. Our aromatherapy sample bottles are ready for your finishing touches, from printed adhesive labels to stickers and barcodes. Include your company logo, an ingredient list, and other product information to complete your design. 

Protect your products with green, cobalt, and amber aromatherapy sample bottles. Colored glass bottles help filter harmful light and UV rays that could spoil your products. Then, finish your aromatherapy sample bottles with dropper tops or roll-ons for accessible applications and added convenience. makes it easy to buy aromatherapy sample bottles in bulk. So, whether you’re bringing a new fragrance mist to a trade show or selling some of your signature essential oil blends at your local craft fair, our aromatherapy sample bottles can help you make a lasting impression. 


Aromatherapy customers shop with all of their senses, sight included. Even if you have the freshest blends, the longest-lasting essential oils, or the most potent fragrances, you still need packaging to make customers want to grab your products off end caps or store displays. The right aromatherapy sample bottles can help. 


Create scented surprises, hair and skin oils, or fragrant bath drops that freshen up the whole room when you personalize our aromatherapy sample bottles. We make it easy to find bottle designs that are sure to stand out on product shelves. To learn more about aromatherapy sample bottles, containers, and closures, contact the packaging pros at today.