Essential Oil Glass Bottles Wholesale

Essential oil glass bottles wholesale options can help you save time and money when trying to grow a new business or rebrand a household name. While customers look for the perfect fragrance and oil benefits, they also shop with their eyes. Therefore, creating an aesthetically pleasing essential oil bottle is a must. has a wide selection of essential oil glass bottles with wholesale discounts. We also offer bulk shipping rates for orders over $250. Contact us directly to discuss specifics for oversized orders, which may require an additional fee. 

Whether you’re bottling up the perfect sandalwood essential oil or creating a bath oil that’s perfect for a good soak, our essential oil glass bottle wholesale options are here to help. The combinations are nearly endless with amber, clear, cobalt, and green bottles. Shaded glass also protects your essential oils from UV damage. Plus, we offer a vast assortment of closures.

The right cap or closure can significantly affect your final product design. For example, you may choose essential oil glass bottles wholesale products like our E-Oil bottles with orifice reducers if you want something easy to dab. Or, you could choose a classic dropper top for precise applications. Of course, we also carry a variety of spray tops and flat caps. 

Whether you’re launching your first essential oil, refreshing a classic product lineup, or establishing your e-commerce business, wholesale selections of suitable essential oil glass bottles can leave a major impact. Smart packaging decisions influence your buyers. With quality glass bottles, it’s easier to promote your top-tier goods. 

To learn more about essential oil glass bottles, wholesale pricing, bulk orders, and shipping rates, contact today. We offer the most extensive inventory of glass bottles, containers, and closures for your bottling needs. Our team is here to help you find the perfect packaging for your essential oils and fragrance products.