Gardening in Bottles

Back in the day, gardening in bottles might have seemed like a novelty. However, it’s a great way to incorporate different bottle styles and design plant products that are bound to pop off store shelves. can help you learn more about gardening in bottles, and we have a wide assortment of exciting designs so you can choose something that aligns with your style preferences. 


As far as gardening in bottles is concerned, you have several options. You can use our bottle designs to hold plant foods, fertilizers, accessories, and other gardening supplies. Or, you can use the bottles as mini planters for different smaller varietals and flowers. As long as a plant has enough space to thrive, gardening in bottles can work wonders. 


Once you’ve narrowed down which products make the most sense for gardening in bottles, you also have to consider how your packaging impacts buying decisions. Many customers shop with their eyes first. You want to create packaging for gardening in bottles that work well, but it also needs to be visually pleasing. offers glass and plastic bottles that stand out on store shelves and add elegance to a plant shop’s inventory. 

Beyond your packaging for gardening in bottles, you should choose appropriate lids and closures. For plant food, you can consider a shaker-top design that makes it easy to control how much food each flower gets. For hydrating leaf sprays or a fertilizer spray, you’ll want to choose either a fine-mist sprayer head or a classic sprayer nozzle. But, again, there’s plenty of room to explore different styles and combinations to find one that works. 


Got any questions about gardening in bottles or our packaging inventory? Reach out to today. Our team is here to help guide you to the best products for your branding efforts. So, whether you’re looking for something that uses HDPE plastic or you want to start a line of glass bottle terrariums that you can sell in your shop, we can help recommend bottles and closures that make sense for your goals.