How to Grow Plants in Bottles Without Soil

Whether you’re looking to add a few aquatic plants to your inventory or are interested in air plants and soil-free alternatives, you’ve probably wondered how to grow plants in bottles without soil. It usually starts by choosing a high-quality bottle that can help your plants thrive. is here to help with industry-leading glass and plastic bottles that look great and work well for certain plants and gardening supplies. 


Typically, if you’re wondering how to grow plants in bottles without soil, you’ll want to start by looking into water plants or soil-free varietals. Plants like lucky bamboo, Spanish moss, and paperwhites can survive and even thrive without soil. You’ll want to choose large bottles for the plants to grow, and you won’t want something that’ll constrict roots. 


As you decide how to grow plants in bottles without soil, you should consider what products you’ll sell alongside your plants. For instance, you can create sprays, fine mists, and shaker-top plant food applications to sell alongside your bottled plant designs. In addition, a bundle or starter kit is a great way to attract less-experienced gardeners and can convince them to make a purchase. 

Beyond learning how to grow plants in bottles without soil, you’ll have to decide how you brand your plants. Our bottles and caps are easy to personalize, regardless of whether you choose an HDPE plastic or glass design. You can style your bottles with labels and stickers or keep the bottle plain to highlight the buds within. 


Want to find out more about how to grow plants in bottles without soil? Ready to find the perfect packaging for your newest product release? has you covered. We can guide you to the best bottles for your business goals and help you make effective labeling decisions that’ll give your plants and hydroponics a chance to stand out on your website or store shelves. So, get started on your order today!