How to Make Cannabis Packaging

With medical marijuana being allowed in all but 14 states, and recreational marijuana legalized in 19 states, the cannabis business is booming across the United States. Due to the lack of legal cohesion at the federal level, each state is left to create its own rules and regulations for cannabis packaging. This makes it important to learn the specific laws that apply to each market your business operates in to avoid compliance issues.

In addition to legal considerations, today’s custom cannabis packaging also has practical and aesthetic aspects to consider. One important aspect is what type of customer you’re trying to reach. Are you selling low-cost marijuana flower to bargain-seeking customers in a recreational market? Or, perhaps you’re marketing premium, high-strength THC edibles to medical customers?

These are just two examples of the wide range of potential markets for today’s marijuana products, indicating the complex nature of modern cannabis packaging. Even after you figure out your legal compliance requirements, there is also the matter of cannabis packaging design.

Additionally, practicality will always have a role in the cannabis packaging discussion. You need sturdy, dependable packages that won’t break or leak, causing unwanted product loss. You should also find custom cannabis packaging that is easy to label, as you’ll need to label your packages both for aesthetic and legal reasons.

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