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Reusing Glass Jars: Experiment Fun and DIY Projects for All Ages

Finding new uses for old things can be immensely satisfying. Turning trash into treasures is a great way to tap into your creativity, make something unique, and even save a few dollars in the process. Reusing things also cuts down on our additions to landfills. Glass jars are perfect vessels for your creative ideas. They have a classic look and can be reused in many different ways. If you have kids or grandkids in your life, glass jars can hold a variety of science experiments. If you're crafty (or would like to be), you'll be amazed at how many projects you can make with a simple jar. If you're looking for more practical ideas for your glass jars, that's not a problem: There are many thoughtful, creative, and useful jobs for all of those jars and bottles you have lying around. Once you start, you might find other uses around the house and take your projects in directions you never imagined.

Fun Experiments and Projects for Kids

You might be surprised to learn how many science experiments you can carry out in glass jars. From earth science to biology, there are plenty of lessons to be learned within these small glass containers. All you need is natural curiosity, a little ambition, and perhaps some young accomplices. Glass jars are the perfect places to build your own galaxy, tornado, or snowstorm without concern about making a mess. Whether you're introducing young minds to the wonders of science or helping to illuminate a lesson from their schoolwork, kids are sure to appreciate jar-based science. There's something appealing about a science experiment that you can hold in your hand and carry with you, and jar lids make it easy to seal up your experiment when needed.

Arts and Crafts for All

No matter the season, a little creativity can brighten up your home and make it truly welcoming. Don't worry if you've never made crafts before: A glass jar gives you a great starting point, and there are lots of easy projects you can do. Beginners will find these craft projects welcoming, and experienced hands will still love the results. For instance, glass jars can make fun and useful Halloween ghosts, which can double as candy dishes. Try a snowman luminary to bring some light to the winter months. Need comfort food? You can even bake single-serve pies in your jars. As the weather turns warmer, start your plants indoors with glass jar planters. Or decorate your jars by adding raised letters or wrapping them in string to turn them into custom centerpieces. If you're looking for a year-round project, you can repurpose your glass jars into toothbrush holders, welcome signs, or even football-themed decorations for the big game.

Other Ways to Reuse

Of course, life isn't all fun and games (or arts and crafts). Sometimes, you need a more practical purpose for those unused glass jars. You could build a terrarium in a jar and add a touch of nature to your indoor spaces. Using a jar keeps everything contained, so you can enjoy the natural elements with no mess. Empty glass jars are also a great receptacle for making your own natural candles. Or you could turn a jar into a soap dispenser and add some charm to your lavatory. If you're looking for a kitchen-based idea, try a jarred herb garden. You'll have fresh herbs for your culinary needs while keeping your kitchen counters clean. You can even get a sourdough starter going in an empty jar. For a bit more instant satisfaction, make a rainbow salad in a jar and enjoy a delicious and portable lunch.